specify a permissible grade of tint considered legal in trinidad and tobago

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the tint laws in trinidad and tobago have been given the justification of the authorities needing to see the interior of the vehicle from the exterior, and so the laws were framed so that visibility into the vehicle is determined by the officer, on the scene at that moment.

no problem, except that the visibility into the vehicle isnt only determined by the opacity of the tint. it is also subjective to ambient light, background light, the time of night, the opacity of the eye wear of the officer, their individual powers of sight, and their mood at that time.

it is very difficult when installing tint on a vehicle, to anticipate and accommodate all those visibility factors.

if at least we can go to store and order a specific grade of tint that is SPECIFIED in the laws, then we can at least be a little scientific about this,
cause in a caribbean country , WE NEED TINT FOR THE SUN!!!