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Let app based cabs run in Bangalore

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Cab aggregator service has been exceptional, especially the shared services  in Bangalore. It has made commute easier for a city starved of basic public transportation. It has also given livelihood to lakhs of people.  I have spoken to uber drivers and they do not seem to have any problems. For the past month or so, vested interests have been trying to stop the cab aggregators from plying. The government is a mute spectator to this..

Vested interests are now trying to stop the pool and other services of uber and ola, citing various reasons. The government first tried to stop them by saying that only BMTC is allowed to pickup passengers from multi points. But this excuse failed. Cities like Chennai have embraced the shared concept long ago - they have shared autos which are supplementing the buses and and the trains.

Now, other vested interests like autos, a handful of drivers who calls themselves a union and others are not allowing even those who want to drive,  The result is a loss of livelihood for the drivers and depriving commuters of what was a good alternative to the pathetic public transport.

First, the drivers need to understand that they are partners of uber, not employees. if they are not happy with the incentives or any other parameters, they are free to leave and driver with whomsoever they want. The government says that they cannot intervene because uber  is a private company. Well, they  could at least take action against those who are stopping these vehicles, physically pulling the driver and passengers out and also damaging these vehicles. Whoever wants to drive, let them drive freely.

One of their contentions is that the aggregators are giving discounts. Well, this is good for the customer and is the way how competition works. this will wake up the transport authorities and make them think of providing quality and cheap public transport. 

As for aggregators probably they could look at a model where drivers are paid by the kms of rides rather than the trips. Even in a share this could be easily calculated (Eg: if there is already a passenger in a share and other has to be picked, the distance for the 2nd passenger would be from the point the driver accepts the ride to the passenger's pickup point + the drop distance from the drop of the previous passenger to the 2nd passenger's drop. the logic could be refined further.

Since the Karntaka Government is not doing anything to stop this, I urge the ministry of transport to intervene and ensure that shared cabs are allowed to ply in Bangalore. And I urge the Bangalore police to setup a complaint center where passengers and drivers could lodge complaints against anyone who stops them from driving and the police could take immediate action against them.

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