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Why pay the road tax again for the same vehicle in a different state?


Do you know ?

  • As per the amendment, the road tax collected while registering a new vehicle is 15%(different percent for each state) of the vehicle cost.
  • If you enter a different state and want to drive there for more than 30 days(different time period for each state), you have to pay Road tax which is equals to 10-15% of your car value(at that time).
  • But the question is WHY SHOULD I PAY THE ROAD TAX AGAIN? Many people can't even afford it.
  • Maybe they collect road tax again because different states collect different road taxes.
  • But even if different states have different Road taxes, wouldn’t the net result of vehicular movements largely cancel out the effect of such differences? And even if that is not so, why should the pathetic citizens carry the can for the irrational policies of the states?

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