Develop A Business Model For Tourism In Ghana

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Ghana has been touted as the beacon of hope in Africa, this assertion sterns from the rich natural resources we have been blessed with as a country. Together with over 70 indigenous Ghanaians and others nationalities, we embarked on a 7 day tourism tour of nine (9) regions in Ghana; organized by Citi Fm (a leading local radio station). The tour took us through nine regions via road which for a lot of us was the most we had travelled by road in our lifetime.

As amazing as the experience was, we were plagued with gaping issues with primary infrastructure and logistical problems; which saw most of us wondering why as a country we are unable to improve what we have and to use it as an economic empowerment tool for the locals and the nation as a whole. These includes but not limited to

  • Accessible routes to and from tourist sites
  • Availability of basic necessities such as washrooms for tourist to use,
  • Availability of government trained tourism officials to collate data and interact with tourist
  • Availability of locally made artefacts for tourist to purchase (at a particular site we found Chinese made hats on sale at the tourist sites)
  • Maintenance of tourist sites
  • Training and orientation of locals on how to capitalize on tourist for economic gains etc

This petition is to ask all stakeholders in the tourism industry to come out with a clear cut strategy aimed at putting the tourism industry at the forefront for  local development and economic empowerment. We believe that the indigenes in areas with tourist sites should not, and must not wallow in poverty. We as a country need to come up with a business model localized to the indigenes and implemented by them with support from government. These should include measurable targets which will be used to assess the growth of the industry and its benefits on the people.