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Shut down animal shows at Thailand Safari World

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Animal shows at Safari World in Thailand must be shut down. Animals are suffering. Dolphins are kept in such a tiny tank and are made to entertain people.  Orangutans are also made to perform a silly show. Elephants are made to perform like an old circus by their handlers with a sharp crow bar. They were constantly hit by the bar to perform. Elephants should be in the large safari. People want to see animals in nature not like a performer in a circus. Safari world has a large safari where animals are safe. Why don't they leave the elephants there? So to other animals in the zoo next to the safari. Tigers are in the safari but not white ones and babies. They are kept in a tiny cage. Baby tigers are forced to take photos with tourists who pay big money. All the animals from the zoo attached to the safari world should be in the safari where animals are safe and free to roam. People will love to see them as they really are in the wild.  Dolphins should be returned to the sea where they belong. 

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