No Insurance for Sport = Not A Safe Sport

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There is a major unresolved issue in the return to sport plan for BC that may stop sport in its tracks. Liability insurance is not available from most insurance companies, for anything COVID-19 related. Association Executives, Coaches, Volunteers & Officials could be enjoined in a lawsuit related to a COVID-19 incident.  Even the initial cost of defending an action could be financially devastating to many families. 

We are calling upon the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture, which also oversees Sports, Minister Lisa Beare & the Province of British Columbia, to underwrite any insurance issues related to COVID-19. This will ensure that the Coach of your child's hockey team or the President of your local baseball or lacrosse club does not lose their house just for agreeing to volunteer and help kids in the community, play sports.

For more detailed information, check out page 8 & 9 of the Return to Sport Guidelines (June 2nd, 2020).