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Manipur's Leirum phee Lengyan (scarf around the neck) suddenly got the recognition as it has been worn by the Indian Prime Minister, Mr Modiji on many public occasions. It got its due limelight on 14th April - when Modiji again wore while addressing the Media and Nation during the Lockdown phase 2 announcement. After that, it became a target for the hungry power loom manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh (UP)  to replicate and produce it on large scale and selling it to meet the market demands which is the fake product of the Leirum phee.

Leirum phee is the Manipuri handloom cotton cloth with those black dots red and white lines indicating the three guardians of the Universe. It is a significant cloth in the Manipuri household highlighting the purity, strength, unity and the beginning of a new life. The Leirum phees (Shawls) are also a special component in Manipuri Meitei marriages as the parents present the same shawl to their daughters in their weddings. Earlier Leirum Phee were used as loin cloth but due to the time advancing and also to serve the other purposes, it extended its designs and motifs into other handwoven products like Lengyan ( Scarfs), Sarees etc.

This petition is to save the Manipuri Handloom products and to urge the concern Ministry in taking action against the manufacturer who produce the fake products diminishing the charm and significant value of this Leirum phee's history and theories associated with the products.

Please help us save our Manipuri Handloom products and also the Weavers who are weaving it to meet their livelihoods in the state, Manipur