Petition to Government requesting for LOAN TO DESERVED CPL CANDIDATES

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Our world is changing rapidly, even the middle-class families are preferring Air Travel and that's a good thing! But what if we get a shortage of Pilots in our country? Let me tell you that becoming a pilot is not as easy as it is seen, we need too much dedication and concentration for it. Apart from it, the amount required to become a pilot is very high! The total cost is about 60-65** LAKH INDIAN RUPEES.

And we all know that what is the importance of being a good pilot! So guys, please sign my petition in which I am stating that Ministry of Social Justice should bring a plan for the candidates who are willing to fly high on the basis of Knowledge but not on the basis of caste and religion. Reservation is burning topic nowadays but being a pilot from the reservation is not kind of safe travel. I mean that we may deal with lack of knowledgeful pilots due to the reservation! Also, they should provide loans for the Aspirant Pilots to complete their studies and later on they might take back loan amount + interest from salary only after getting a job. 70-30 split should be there per month from the salary for the candidate to pay back the loan.

In simple words, please finance candidates from Government Treasury under any new scheme and get that back in 4 years. If you sign this petition, your own future will be better. Thank You