COWS ON ROAD-Stop Road accident and prevent harvest by framing a law on wandering of COW in up

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Dear Prime minister and chief minister of Uttar pradesh


I'm always thankful to our government But the order of closing illegal cow slaughter houses was a great initiative.But did you plan about what will happen to cows,ox and the animals?they are just wandering here and there and destroying crops of people.Agriculture is main occupation in rural areas.But Due to nomadic animals which is hurting every nook and corner of agriculture practice in UTTAR PRADESH.

Right to livelihood and Right to get food is just in constitution as just fundamental right.


  1. My father and grandmother was coming home on bike,due to plenty no. of nomadic cows,they collided with these animals in night.these animals coming running towards road from fields where is no light there.Due to slow speed,my father and grandmother is alive but they were injured badly.

Second instance,When I was going on bike with my friend for shopping in night,a collision with these nomadic animals again happen.this time i was saved because of just 1 second late.But two other bikes collided and they injured badly in front of me.Now we can be safe if we don't go on roads.these accident is frequent in rural areas.Please It's my request to our chief minister,come with a good law which ensure our safety.

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