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Why only one name??

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  • The first question is why to have only one name for all our foundations?
  1. To elaborate the above I must tell that we are glad as Indians to host FIFA tournament across the nation.Till now it looks amazing but it seems so annoying when the fact comes out that the name of 3 stadiums among those 6 which are hosting fifau17 wc has the same name and it is upon the great JAWAHARLAL NEHRU
  2. I have no personal vendetta against that particular name but it is very problematic for fans coming from other countries and even for us Indians as when someone says the match is in "Jawaharlal nehru stadium" it makes him/her confused which of those 3 nehru stadiums is addressed.Similarly it is so confusing at the time of boo tickets for the match.Someone can easily end up by booking a ticket in the wrong stadium situated at some other city.You can check the names on link provided below
  3. Now what I am talking about is to solution of this problem.Therefore I request the above mentioned authorities to take action and change the names atleast 2 of those 3 to avoid such confusion
  4. I humbly can suggest some names i can recall right now at this moment,if this confusion occurred due to lack of names
  • Bhagat singh
  • Lal Bahadur shastri
  • Netaji subhas Chandra bose
  • C.V. raman
  • A.P.J abdul kalam
  • Meghnad saha
  • Satyendranath bose
  • Khudiram bose
  • Mangal pandey
  • Rsbehari bose
  • Praphulla chandra roy
  • Sibdas bhaduri
  • Gostha pal
  • Sunil chetri.                              And a stadium can be named going out of the stereotype like
  • Arena of blues
  • Pride of blue lions
  • Rising nation 
  • Origin of blues
  • Origin of nation
  • Blue horizon
  • Sahid jawan smriti
  • Nabodaya
  • Guru dronacharya
  • Chanakya
  • Ullasbhumi
  • Goonz
  • Football fantasy



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