IOA Clear Indian football team for Asian Games jhakarta, Indonesia .#Asian dreams

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Indian Football has been evolving over last few years , It's really sad to stop the team participating in Asian games on basis of past results ! 

Since Asian games is u-23 event for football and our national team has 10  Under 23 players we can achieve better results and 3 players above age of 23 can also play which will definitely help !

In sports no one can write of any team , prime is example is FIFA world cup where every Asian team has given fight to European and south American teams ! 

If team takes part in Asian games , it will make team well equipped for AFC cup 2019 !

We the Blue pilgrims humbly request authority to send team for Asian games.

We dream of India playing in World cup !

Fear of failure will never give success let them fight on field , even if we lose we will be proud of warriors !jai hind 

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