Want Justice To Maharashtra Agriculture Engineers

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Since 1969 Maharashtra state's agriculture universities have a specialized branch i.e. ‘Agriculture Engineering’ with specialized courses and department for ‘Soil and Water Conservation’ and ‘Irrigation Engineering’. Currently many agriculture engineers are working in field of Soil and Water conservation through NGO's like WOTR, and many more. Agriculture engineers are playing vital role in watershed development which is widely accepted as a key intervention for groundwater level improvement, reducing soil erosion and in turn rejuvenating environmental conditions in rural as well as urban areas. Agriculture Engineers are trained to have practical skills that encompasses subjects like agriculture, soil mechanics, irrigation & drainage engineering and soil & water engineering. Some of the post-graduate Agriculture engineers also have specialization in advance techniques like Remote Sensing and GIS applications in water resource management.

We urge the state government to make use of the well trained human resource in the field of soil and water conservation engineering (Agriculture Engineering) for the better outcomes.

We, the Agriculture Engineering fraternity, appeal to the competent authority to change eligibility criteria for recruitment of ‘Water Conservation Officers and other similar posts’ and make Agriculture Engineering graduates eligible for the post. This change in the decision will indeed be helpful in recruitment of trained and experienced candidates and will boost efforts taken in soil and water conservation by state government.