Old Age Homes – Need for Regulations

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As per information available with HelpAge India, there are 1279 Old Age Homes in India -

Detailed information of 836 homes is available and for 443 homes only contact details are available.

#  543 homes provide free of cost services 

#  237 old age homes are on pay & stay basis. 1

#  61 homes have both free as well as pay & stay facilities.

#  214 old age homes accept medical/ constant care cases.

#  133 homes are exclusively for older women.
Source: Directory of Old Age Homes in India 2009, published by HelpAge India

“At present, there is no central legislation or executive order prescribing minimum standards for the services facilities to be made available in old age homes across sectors, either run by private, central or state governments and union territories. As a result, it has been observed that there are wide spread disparities in the services offered and facilities available in various old age homes,” said Thaawarchand Gehlot, minister for social justice and empowerment.

It is therefore considered desirable -

·         To evolve and prescribe minimum standards for the old age homes, touching all facets of their functioning from infrastructure to facilities to manpower etc.and

·         to set up a Regulatory Body under the INTEGRATED PROGRAMME FOR OLDER PERSONS to inspect  all types of Old Age Homes and ensure that the interests of the Senior citizens are being protected.