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Review and Change in the Present Reservation Policy

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The present policy of caste-based reservation has led to frequent highly disruptive and violent agitations, with many caste groups clamouring for inclusion in the SC/ST or OBC categories to avail the benefits of reservation. It has vitiated social harmony and affected country’s polity and governance.


And even at this huge cost to society, there is nothing much to show for it on the plus side, as the benefits of reservation are cornered mostly by the affluent amongst the target categories.


Moreover, reservation is not really the solution for uplifting any backward community, For example, giving crutches to a man with weak legs, is only a short term palliative, the real solution being strengthening of legs. Likewise, education, and not reservation, is the effective means for empowering any community.


 Moreover, reservation does compromise merit, as otherwise there would have been a demand long ago, for quotas in India’s Cricket Eleven too (or for that matter in the Olympic Squad)!


So the following action is suggested:


(i)                 Basis of Reservation should NOT be Caste but Economic condition,


(ii)               A time limit should be fixed for Reservation, say, 10 years,


(iii)             Meanwhile, good quality education at affordable cost should be made available to all, so that children from economically weaker sections too, get equipped to face competition on equal terms, and need for reservation would then cease.


The above steps should achieve the desired objective of social equity, without unduly compromising merit, and without inter-caste acrimony. This would also in the long run, pave the way for a caste-less society.

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