No wheelchair friendly washrooms

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Recently i visited mumbai with my family, we were at the girgaon beach and i needed to go to the washroom. After searching here and there, we finally found a general washroom with a ramp. My mother took me inside, and the moment we stepped in i was shocked to see the condition of the washroom. The doors were broken, the floor was so dirty that my mother almost puked, the ladies from the slum were bathing with the door open. There was dirt everywhere.  My mom and i felt so disgusted but there was no option but to use the washroom. Women with their children were moving in and out. My mother had to cover me because there wasn't any door. All my clothes and those of my mother's were drenched in dirt because of the wet and untidy floor. And the worst part, that even after taking 20 rupees for using the washroom, there was no maintenance of it. I was humiliated and embarrassed to such an extent that i didn't eat or drink anything properly for the next three days of our stay so that I don't have to use the washroom. 

This did not happen to me only in mumbai, infact i have to face this problem every day in delhi and to whichever city i go for a Vacation. Even if there are wheelchair friendly washrooms, they are never maintained, the ramps are uneven and one can not bolt the door on their own, i don't understand what is the purpose of building a wheelchair friendly washroom with a broken ramp.
Proper washrooms are a basic necessity for everyone including the differently abled. Help me put a pressure on the government and bring a change by signing my petition. Sign my petition and and help me bring a change so that no other wheelchair user has to face it again.

Thankyou for your support in advance.