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Bill for the restoration of 200 Point roster system (treating University/College/Institution as Unit).
The 'Right to Education' for oppressed castes was denied for thousands of years because of the hegemonic brahminical social order and it also dehumanized the masses. With relentless struggles and dialogue, our anti-caste revolutionaries liberated us from the clutches of strict brahminical norms that never allowed us to listen, read, write and learn. In this background, all the SC/ST/OBCs should understand the current movement against department wise '13 point roster system' as explicitly a movement of Self Respect for Bahujans.

The proposed and newly implemented department wise I3-point roster system by BJP govt' is a means to end the Reservation system in the educational institutions at the level of faculty appointment. This is not only an unconstitutional move which goes against our Rights but also to delegitimize and change the Constitution of India. This move would turn the already existing modern agraharas to full-fledged brahminical agraharas where no SC/ST/OBC will be recruited in Colleges/Universities. 

The new department wise 13 point roster system will lead to a drastic conversion of reserved seats to open (UR) category. For example, if a department consisting of 14 positions, the following will be applicable according to the policy of reservation. Since OBC has 27% reservation. first OBC seat will be created when the department reaches the size of 4. Then the second OBC post will be created when the department size reaches 8. Similarly, the first SC post will be created when the department size reaches 7. For ST, the first seat will be created only when the department size reaches 14. Finally, the department with only four faculty strength would never create any reserved seat.
Hence, it is very clear that SC/ST/OBCs would once again be ostracized from knowledge production which would further impede the journey towards establishing an egalitarian society.

Our Urgent Demands-

1- Bill for the restoration of 200 Point roster system (treating University/College/Institution as Unit)

2- A bill should be taken in which it is decided that at least 49.5 reservations in each recruitment will be implemented in any situation

3- Backlog recruitments to be done immediately

Unity of the Oppressed Long Live! 

Jai Savitri! Jai Fatima! Jai Phule! Jai Bheem! Jai Birsa! Jai Phoolan! Jai Periyar! Jai Mandal! Jai Asim!

-Joint Forum for Academic and Social Justice