Autism Need policy changes and equal opportunities in India

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1. Promote disability specific communities which will harbor a school, vocational training center and assisted workspaces and facility for independent hassle-free living across the country.

2. Support the design of an autistic specific academic and vocational curriculum with it’s own examination board with more of practicals and one word and 2 mark type questions from Grade 1 to 12 and further for vocational purposes.

3. UDID card should suffice as the single proof of disability nationwide for all purposes.

4. UDID card should be made mandatory for all disabled children to avail financial benefits like education concessions, travel concessions, medical benefits etc.

5. UDID card and assessment for disability certificate should be possible to apply through autism specialized schools instead of running to various organisations as the children go through seizures and behavior issues at unfamiliar places.

6. Benefits akin to those provided for senior citizens must be made available to those with disabilities.

7. Make public spaces more accessible for disabilities like for example, have special fast-tracking counters in airports, govt. offices, railways stations, hospitals etc. for those with disabilities.

8. Build awareness amongst law enforcement agencies and ensure that they are better equipped to provide empathetic support for the care-givers as well as individuals with disabilities.

9. Build awareness amongst public about Autism specifically because of the existing prejudices and social stigmas related to the aggressive & abnormal behaviors displayed by those with autism. This can be done with programs with built-in incentives similar to ‘Beti bachao, Beti padhao’.

10. Sensitize the public to become active solution providers & supporters for the care-giving communities as well as individuals with autism by designing awareness programs and engagement activities to ensure sensitization.

11. Only individuals with disabilities or family members of those with disabilities must be allowed to staff the government disability departments across the nation.