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Save a dog's family life by donating.Joint project of Canada/Nepal/Germany

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This is a unique joint project: Canada-Nepal-Germany to save a dog's family life. Be part of it and support us!!
Start reading the story in clicking on the Fundraiser link here or below.
If you have further questions we are happy to answer each of them. Just email us:
or: the
Write at our walls at Facebook: the Laika Fund for Street Dogs or:
Or call us, what's app or viber us: +491771971683
Part 1 of the story is in the fundraiser link!
Part 2:
Just after we had Indra (who used to be called Meatball as she hung around outside a butcher shop, hoping for scraps) taken from the streets, we learned more about her story, AND, that her mother was still there!
Immediately we began to work to bring her to safety with her baby, and she was picked up and brought in for spaying. Unfortunately however, a man who had recently flung Indra and her mother out of a second story window, claimed that the mother belonged to him. He had no intention of looking after her, but he would not speak about her being saved.
In fear of this man, and against the wishes of us and the German ladies, the volunteer returned mum, now named Julie, to the place where the man lived. We were heartbroken.
Once again Julie was wandering the streets, unloved, unfed, and at risk of traffic, cruelty, and starvation.
Another volunteer known to our German friend who works so hard for these dogs, went straightaway, and picked her up again. No i.d. and allowed to wander all over. Neighbours of the man said the dog did not belong to him, that he was only trying to make trouble.
We did not ask any questions beyond this, once she was returned to the clinic. She is now being readied for the trip to Canada, and will be available for adoption.
PLEASE support the fundraiser, it is a tough one, but will save three lives.
If you are interested in adopting one of the dogs, please message us at:


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