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Empower Rural Entrepreneurs in India

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In India. it is a well recognised fact that our rural capabilities are yet to be harnessed. We are still at a very preliminary stage when it comes to successful big businesses that are based in rural areas. Very few Businesses that we observe around us have their roots in the rural areas. India has a huge untapped market in its villages, and yet, a rural entrepreneur has to face insurmountable challenges in order to set up a new business in the area, mostly due to lack of finance and mentoring.

These budding rural entrepreneurs don't have access to Incubator programs that can help sustain their business in the crucial nascent stage. They lack contacts and networking, and are not aware of the kind of opportunities already available to them. A lot of this is due to a lack of Business Incubators that pay special attention to Rural Areas. While urban areas still do better in terms of providing opportunities to entrepreneurs, rural entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas are largely ignored.

Therefore, Enactus (I.I.T. Delhi) via GrassRoute India's #ChangeinIndia campaign is asking the Ministry of Rural Development to initiate a District level Business Incubator for Rural Areas with the sole responsibility of supporting Businesses in the Rural Areas.

This Government body will have the following responsibilities:

- Helping Entrepreneurs with Business principles

- Providing Networking and Marketing Opportunities

- Providing assistance with necessary technology backend.

- Help with accounting and taxes.

- Providing access to bank loans, loan funds and guarantee programs

- Helping with presentation skills

- Links to higher education resources

- Links to strategic partners

- Introducing them to Advisory boards and mentors

- Business etiquette guidance

- Assistance with commercialization of product or service.

- Help with regulatory compliance

- Intellectual property management


Through this petition, we intend to provide a local level body to which the budding rural entrepreneurs can turn for guidance and mentoring. It will promote people with business ideas to come forward and will help them receive proper support and incubation at the right time to facilitate their business from the idea stage to the execution stage.


Petitioned by Enactus (I.I.T. Delhi)

Supported by GrassRoute India

Co-petitioner: Ashwin Mushran - Actor

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