Relocate the Kasoa Tollbooth

Relocate the Kasoa Tollbooth

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Jefferson Seneadza started this petition to Minister, Roads & Highways, MP Atiwa West Hon. Kwasi Amoako Atta and

There is a large population of residents in the Ga-South Municipal area.

Residents from Weija, Tuba, Amanfrom, Kasoa all commute to and from Accra Central Daily.. most times on multiple occasions.

The presence of the Kasoa toll booth has caused a great nuisance to residents.

Here is a few reasons why it should be relocated

  1. Daily Traffic congestion. Residents spend atleast 2 hours in traffic daily. Unfortunately this route is only way to Kasoa, Central Region, Western Region, Trans–West African Coastal Highway, and many more. There has been more settlers in the toll booth and Kasoa area than ever before. Most of them working in Accra Central everyday.
  2. The Cape-Coast - Accra route is no longer attractive for travelers and tourist due to large traffic congestion - starting from the toll booth. This is indirectly affecting tourism in the country.
  3. Residence pay average minimum of 2 GHS per day on toll fees. This excludes u-turns and quick trips back home or office. The status of the road around and leading up to the toll booth has been the same in the last 5 years.
  4. Rainy Season at the toll booth is unroutable. When it rains, the sand from the mountain fills the kasoa to accra side of the road. Commuters spends up to 1 hour to get out of toll booth area. In most cases vehicles have to share access with the other side.. Every Rainy Season, getting out of Kasoa is a hussle. This issue is right after the Toll Booth Exit.. It has been over 5years and counting... and Rainy season at the toll booth areas has NOT BEEN Permanently solved. The Council comes to collect the Sand after every Rain! This is not the 2021 solution in today's Ghana. We need a permanent solution. Citizens pay taxes and more for this reason. Unfortunately removing the toll booth does not solve this part of the problem but its a start. This problem is a petition on its OWN.. We need help! See video here -Kasoa toll booth and environs flood after Tuesdays rains
  5. Toll booth exceeded original build capacity. it can no longer be expanded to accommodate the large number vehicles daily. There are ONLY 4 stations at a time.   It can no longer handle daily travelers to and from Accra to Cape Coast, Tuba, Nyanyano, Amanfrom, Galilea, Kasoa, Central Region Residents, Western Regions Residents, and West African Residents.
  6. The toll booth was created when the population in the area was still very small thus the allowing an easy flow. The current position is now a fully busy active township. Most commuters are new settles from Accra.

Dear Ministry of Roads, We need your urgent help.  The upcoming rainy season will make things worse. Another year of hardship coming up. We need action fast!...

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CC :-

Hon. Kwasi Amoako Atta - Minister, Roads & Highways, MP Atiwa West

Hon. Anthony N-Yoh Karbo - Dty. Minister, Roads & Highways, MP Lawra

Hon. Kwabena Owusu-Aduomi - Dty. Minister, Roads & Highways, MP Ejisu


0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!