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Today the world without seafarers is unimaginable because 80% of the transportation are through the seas.From the clothes people wear to the food they eat, almost everything today is brought to them through ships. *What would happen to the world if the ships and seafarers didn’t work?* Needless to say, the word would come to a halt and the people would be devoid of their basic necessities.

  Do you know what are the problems that the seafarers goes through??   One of the biggest difficulty seafarers face in their life (not out of choice) is staying away from their loved ones while they carry out their duties at sea. Seafarers Face Extreme Health Hazards.

Seafarers Fights the toughest Seas and also the Roughest Weather.To be an seafarers & being an seafarers there is some struggles. I wish & hope that government will take some steps here I have mentioned those struggle's :

I'm a marine engineer, generally it costs around 20lakhs to complete the course of marine engineering, then we have to join as TME/JUNIOR ENGINEER/ENGINE CADET and the minimum requirement to do meo class4 exam  is 6 months sailing, in-between that we have to do many courses for that we have to pay certain amount.

If we have to sail as a TME fresher the company's have some agents they demand around *1 lakhs to 7 lakhs*. The company crew manager's are also included in those demand's. After the training we have to write *MEO CLASS 4 exam* for the promotion, and if we would like to rejoin in some companies those agent's they demand *50 thousands to 4.5 lakhs* & again they recruited as JUNIOR ENGINEER & then later they give promotion as 4TH ENGINEER. some companies they are demanding directly to pay some amounts for the jobs. It is affecting lot of people's and their lives. Incase if the seafarers can't pay the certain amount which was demanding by the agent's they left this field. some even they are well qualified & having good academic record but they didn't got proper job so they are taking rash decisions like sucide attempts. I humbly request the government to take some Appropriate steps as soon as possible.

K I N D L Y   P L E A S E   H E L P  U S


We have a suggestion to rectify the major problems of seafarers 

we humbly suggest the suggestion to wash out the service charges system in Manning. Government and the companies owner's can together create a complaint cell in each MMD all over India & take action regarding the complaints. It is not possible without the government and companies owner's. please consider this as a major issue and do take some action as soon as possible.

Without our senior's  (Captain, C/E, Company superintendents, etc.. ) help we can't end up this problem. But they doesn’t care all those problems. We bring it to your attention. kindly request you to help seafarers& save seafarers.

                  Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,





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