Demand for strong punishment to people who ride or drive in wrong side of road

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Hello, my name is Shamsul Hoda. On the night of 19th May 2018 while walking in service lane in Dera Bassi, Punjab, I was dashed by a drunk motorcyclist, who was driving at breakneck speed on the wrong side of road, with his bike headlight turned off. He left me unattended after hitting me and fled from the scene. Somehow, I survived the fatal blow after sustaining severe injuries on my head, face and legs. Some good Samaritans came to my rescue and took me to nearby hospital. I underwent major surgeries and by god's grace now I am recuperating at good pace. 

I request the concerned authorities to make stringent laws to safeguard the lives of pedestrians and give exemplary punishment to all those careless people who drink and drive, especially those who flee the scene after hitting someone. 

Those who want to drink should not roam outside. After losing the consciousness, they can prove fatal for the society. There should be heavy fine for those who move out in a drunken state. These people are danger for others and risk someone's life. As alcohol consumption is their right, so is our right to demand safety from these drunkards.

I hope my request is considered by the concerned authorities and new legislations come into effect as soon as possible.