Make traffic rules specified and stringent, and enforce to curb road accidents

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More often we see on the roads many travellers drives in the extreme right side of the road and people who wants to overtake the front running vehicle they use their left side to overtake the front vehicle. This often results in accidents. Previously we taught to drive on the left side and when anybody wants to overtake a vehicle, then applying passby dipper or alerting the overtaken vehicle by Horn, we use to overtake on the right side of front vehicle . Now days, this rule having been replaced we use to overtaking on the left side, accommodating western rules and the vehicles running in the roads are preferring to adhere right side of their road. There is no mention of speed limit of the lane.Many times this makes confusion and serious accidents are taking place resulting fatal injuries to travellers. Speed limits of the lanes should be specified and mentioned. In which side or lane heavy vehicles and on which lane light vehicle should run, that should be specified ad mentioned. But we can not notice it now days.This is due to non-enforcement or loose enforcement of traffic rules. by Govt. Authorities, who are only engaged in gathering revenues but seen less concerned about road safety of travellers who are using the road. So, enforcement authorities should to be more serious to prevent road accidents. We also often see that, at many places there are no signs or signboards of obstacles ahead are displayed on the roads, although there are some sign-boards displayed on the roads. But that is not enough. It should be ensured that everywhere, if there is obstacle like humps, rumblers, bridge, damaged roads or bridge, turn, level crossings, schools or colleges, marketplace, crossing roads etc. the display boards are adequately displayed at a safe road distance. All these are possible when lawmakers are serious and concerned. So, I urge every conscious citizens to sign this petition and request concerned authorities to make it possible to drive safely on the roads and ensure others safety also.