Buffer for SPEED FINES

Buffer for SPEED FINES

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Why this petition matters

In 2021, we have great national highways & state highways. We pay extensive tolls for the same. FASTag has made life easier.

However, when it comes to speeding fines the police have made it very compulsive. They have left no buffers. Police have forgotten that they are humans driving the vehicles behind the wheel & not a robot. We are being fined Rs. 1000/- for doing 71 kmph in a 70 kmph zone. For a mere 1kmph. Most of our cars have an analogue speedometer. Trying to maintain the speed we would have to keep looking at the speedometer & not the road.
From my personal experience even automated/computerised cruise control varies its speed by 3kmph - 5 kmph. How can a human keep the exact speed? Especially when travelling on a highway where the distances are much much longer. A buffer of 10kmph should be allowed. 

God forbid if the police catch you they'd loot you as if you have committed a grave crime and make you pay there and there itself. Most times accept ONLY CASH.

With the ever-increasing fuel prices, most of us care about fuel efficiency. A trip of 400kms used to cost Rs. 2500/- now costs Rs. 4500/-. To add to the misery we have to pay fines for speeding. 

Requesting you all to join in requesting a buffer for the speed limits. 

8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!