Abolition of cancellation charges on unconfirmed train tickets

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There are many who hold their wait listed train tickets with the hope of getting them confirmed on chart preparation.  When, those tickets are not confirmed after chart preparation, the tickets are automatically cancelled by Railways if they are e-tickets and one needs to go to the counter for cancellation and refund for paper tickets.  In either case, Railways charges cancellation fee!  Cancellation fee is justifiable if the passenger himself / herself cancels the tickets before chart preparation.  However, if the ticket is cancelled after chart preparation because Railways failed to provide the service, full refund should be given without deducting any cancellation fee.  Compare this with the case of a train being cancelled by Railways for whatever reasons, full refund is provided because it is the Railways which failed to provide the service for which payment was made.  Unconfirmed tickets cancelled after chart preparation fall under the same category.  I therefore demand the Ministry of Railways to abolish the cancellation charged on unconfirmed tickets and also refund such charges collected so far.