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The Hon’ble Minister of Railways,

Government of India.

Sub: Demand for railway link between Krishnanagar and Karimpur

Dear Sir,

With due respect I would like to draw your attention to the fact that even, after 71 years of Independence, we are about 80 km away from the nearest railway station, Krishnanagar, although we bear a ‘glorious’ century-old history of fruitless railway connectivity. Compelled by long standing history of deprivation we are placing the following for your perusal:

Historical Perspective: History is replete with so many instances of deprivation and despair for the people of Karimpur.

A report recently published in the Anandabazar Patrika on February 4, 2018 clearly testifies the demand for railway link and highlights the history of deprivation.

A report published on 5 July, 2009 states: “Despite a number of surveys conducted in the last 104 years for setting up railway link, Karimpur – a remote bordering town in Nadia – remains out of railway network.”

The original plan to link between Krishnanagar and Murshidabad (Jalangi) via Karimpur was envisaged by British owned Eastern Bengal State Railways in 1905.

In 1984 the then Railway Minister promised to mobilize the said railway link and arranged for a survey.

In 2007 a small project was inaugurated in Charatala (Chapra) as a part of Krishnanagar-Karimpur rail link.

In 2009, the then Railway Minister announced a fresh project in the rail budget modifying the earlier proposals of link between Krishnanagar and Karimpur.

In his letters to the Railway Minister, on July 26, 2010 and subsequently on February 21, 2011, Panchayat and Rural Development Minister of W B, urged the Railway Minister to implement the project and pointed out its benefits and feasibility.

On 3 March, 2017, M.P. of 11,Murshidabad Parliamentary Constituency drew the attention of the Railway Minister to the said project in the house of the Parliament.

Some thirty years ago KARIMPUR was considered to be a railway station, for which and from where railway tickets were issued.

Indian Railways connected Karimpur by plying Rail-cum bus between Krishnanagar rail station and Karimpur.

Valid Grounds for the Demand: Although 112 years have passed since the railway project was conceived, the issue has still its relevance. The mystery behind such a deprivation is really haunting. The following grounds are convincing enough to implement the project immediately:

Demographic reality: Millions of people will be benefitted. The demographic data establishes the fact:

Dev. Block District Population Density(per sq.Km)

Chapra Nadia 3,10,652 1000

Tehatta I Nadia 2,44,322 980

Tehatta – II Nadia 1,51,231 880

Karimpur – I Nadia 1,83,556 850

Karimpur – II Nadia 2,17,136 970

Jalangi Murshidabad 2,52,477 2100

Domkal Murshidabad 3,63,976 1200

(Source: Census Report, 2011)

Daily Experience: The catchment area of our nearest railway station, Krishnanagar being 120 km in length, ranging from Krishnanagar(Nadia) to Domkal(Murshidabad), the journey prior to boarding the train is highly expensive, time-consuming and miserably tiresome. On many occasions ‘No Entry’ in the city of Krishnanagar puts us under tremendous financial, mental and physical stress to the reach the destination.

Agricultural Products and the Question of Marketability:The fertile land in and around Karimpur is perfectly suitable for producing such economic produce as jute, betel leaves, jackfruits, mango, banana, papaya; all sorts of green vegetables such as parble, cauliflower, cabbage, bringal, cucumber, radish, bitter gourd; various types of fruits and flowers; bamboo, and so on. The society is agrarian in nature. Life of the people depends on agricultural production. Railway link is a precondition for marketability and development of agrarian economy.

Business Prospect: Besides helping commuters, railway link is sure to boost business prospect in such developing towns as Chapra, Bara Andulia, Tehatta, Betai, Nazirpur, Mahisbathan, Karimpur, Jalangi, Domkal etc.

International Business Corridor: The railway connectivity may also open up Indo-Bangladesh business corridor through easily commutable roads. And it will help commuting of security personnel in and out of the Bangladesh border areas adjacent to Karimpur. As a result, conditions of other security and emergency services will automatically improve.

Agro-based Industries: There lies a shining prospect of development of agro-based industries such as jute industry, food processing, dairy, pisciculture, floriculture, horticulture, poultry farming, and cottage industries.

Condition of Extant Industries: Existing sankha shilpa, tant shilpa, shola shilpa, and other extant small scale industries are grasping for breath in want of railway link.

Students and Education: Every year about 14000 students of this locality, after completing H.S., get admitted to distant institutions for higher study. They are forced to take up hectic bus journey with the high risk of road accident every now and then.

Educational Institutions: Within this area about 3760 educational institutes are located:

Primary Schools: 836

Upper Pry + High + H. S. Schools: 216

General + Technical Colleges: 26

Inst. For Special and Non-formal Education: 2682

Commuters: About 45000 people avail themselves of this route by road everyday for treatment, job or study, or for any other business.

Frequent Road Accidents: In recent past (29/1/2018) a road accident took a toll of 45 lives of this locality. Frequent road mishaps claim valuable lives. On 9/2/2018 eight persons died because of road accident at Chapra. It has become a daily occurrence here. Terror of road accident looms large in the area following repeated occurrences including the massive ones at Doulatabad , Jalangi, Chapra, Bara Andulia, Dayerbazar, Tehatta and so on.

Lack of Healthcare: People of the locality are deprived of minimum healthcare because of lack of infrastructure in absence of railway link. For availing minimum health services people of the locality are bound to travel 80 km on road.

Scope of Tourism: If connected by rail, Karimpur may develop as a favourite Tourists’ Destination comprising of the Bauls of Gorbhanga (Mansur, Golam, Arjun, & others), Bansberia and adjacent places; the birthplace(Bagchi-Jamsherpur) of the popular poet Jatindramohan Bagchi, the birth place(Shikarpur) of the spiritual leader and social reformer Bijay Krishna Goswami; Dolbari at Sundalpur; the river Padma bordering India and Bangladesh, and many places of worship ( temples, mosques, and churches) scattered around Karimpur.

Cultural Life: Cultural atmosphere of Karimpur is vibrant with Bookfair, Drama festival, Baul Festivals, publication of little magazines and cultural functions all the year round.

Our Appeal: In view of the above, we appeal to your benign self for immediate intervention and justice. How long should we remain mute spectator by trusting the most untrustworthy? Our long-drawn justified claim for railway link is to be fulfilled by redressing the adversaries and daily miseries without any dillydallying procrastination. Otherwise, we will be compelled to organize mass demonstration against prolonged deprivation.

With regards,

Yours truly,