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Stop charging fuel surcharge on debit cards

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We, the middle class people are already paying huge percentages of our salaries as taxes in various sections of the Government. We are the mass that obeys and abides by each and every Government policies showered on us. But after paying numerous taxes for all our needs in daily lives, it is our right to then only pay for what we use.

After demonetization, the Government is encouraging us to avail more virtual transactions than cash transactions, and has thus cut down on the amount of available cash flow in banks and ATMs, the policy which I kind of agree with.

But on the other hand, when I am buying fuel for my car at a gas station, swiping my debit card (not credit card, mind it), each time I am charged with an extra surcharge, which I find no meaning. Taking the latest example, I bought petrol of Rs.1950/- and a surcharge of Rs.56.06 was deducted from my account. If I had used cash for the same transaction, I would've had to pay exactly Rs.1950/-.

On one hand you are discouraging cash transactions and on the other hand you are charging extra money for card transactions. This is hilarious. For us, the middle class, cars are not meant for luxury, but of dire necessities. Please stop this contradiction of policies.

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