Boys/Girls Pg committee.An independent cmte. of Govt Officials to listen to our complaints

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AGENDA-  Being a student myself and living in a PG, I can share my experience with you. Generally, Issue arises related to food quality, independence, flexibility, maintenance, internet issues, security, regular cleaning, unneccesary monopolies over electricity use,etc. PGs lack facilities like AC, Geyser, TV, WiFi,  etc.

Problems faced by me-

(U 204 CP GUPTA NIWAS, Shakarpur, Delhi-110092)

  1. In my pg, there are many useless and unnecessary rules like giving leave notice by 6 pm before 15 days(3 months mandatory stay).If I go there at 5 pm, they say its evening and you are late.(though it's before 6pm).
  2. There is only one electricity socket in every room right now because all other remaining plugs have been shut down by the owner since one month. We can't run cooler or ACs this summer.
  3. Drinking Water is available on the 5th floor only. There are taps on every floor but have been shut by the owner.
  4.  Above all this building is illegal as per Govt records but still MCD isnt doing anything.
  5. We can't use any electrical appliance except laptop.(Laptop charges- Rs. 200 pm)
  6. Minor problems like selling 500 ml milk packet at Rs. 35 (Market Rate Rs. 26) and food isnt healthy but 30 diet compulsory p.m., opening and closing main door time.

Its high time we should stand up for ourselves and for our future friends.

I request all of you who is facing such problems and want good and accountable system to sign this petition.

Thank you