Help Skydive Wasaga Beach officially land on the beach!

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Skydive Wasaga Beach is proud to say it is approved as Canada’s first beach drop zone from all standard governing bodies.  We have received all the appropriate approvals from the town of Wasaga Beach, Transport Canada , Nav Canada, the Canadian Sport Parachute Association and all other governing bodies, however we have encountered resistance from the Ministry of Natural Resources citing public safety as a concern.  The MNR has recently deemed kite surfing to be a satisfactorily acceptable risk and has approved the activity officially.  The statistics for injury both first and second party are dramatically different from kite surfing (an unregulated and unlicensed sport with many injuries and countless third party injuries and damage) to tandem skydiving (a highly regulated activity with federally accepted licensing, very few injuries and virtually NO THIRD PARTY INJURIES or damage) is night and day.  In fact statistically speaking, Tandem Skydiving is safer than most activities that occur on the beach every single day.  Tandem skydiving is not only a heavily regulated activity, but Skydive Wasaga Beach has raised the bar by having the highest minimum standard for instructors in the country and has performed flawlessly in the past four years and even hosted a National Championship with national coverage.  We have been pursuing landing on the border of beach 2 and beach 3 from Monday to Thursday, two landings per hour (only requiring a a 50’ x 200’ section of beach be controlled for five minutes every hour) from May 1 to October 31 (again ONLY Monday to Thursday).  We are very close to demonstrating a very strong argument for our case and have been told by our legal team that a victory is imminent.  Before we see this through we feel that as a very community minded company it would be most responsible and appropriate to ask the residents of our great town if they would approve of this idea.   We have created this petition to show the Ministry of Natural Resources that the residents of our town feel that as long as handled with the ultimate level of responsibility and diligence that they would support and approve of Skydive Wasaga Beach becoming Canada’s first beach landing skydive centre. Please sign if you agree