Save 'The Hole In The Wall'

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Hello, I am a Local resident of Chetwynd, British Columbia. Most of my activities involve the beautiful back country of our region, exploring the wonders mother nature has provided us with. I have spent many hours exploring this great area with friends, family, work, and my camera. Taking in what this land has to offer. This petition is purely created to protect one of those great wonders that should have been, and should be protected by our local government who also advocates the protections of places like 'The Hole In The Wall'.  Unfortunately this place I speak of is at risk. Very immediate risk that warrants a petition.

For those of you not aware with this site. I will enlighten you. Approximately 52km up the Sukunka valley, on Sukunka Forest Service Road out side of Chetwynd BC, there is an amazing place where a natural phenomenon has occurred. The geological foundations of this particular mountain side have allowed a fresh water creek to run directly out of a solid rock face (Hole In The Wall). This place is a local treasure to generations of people who have admired it for possibly thousands of years. There is a Limestone Layer which allows some water to penetrate the rock, until it hits a Granite base which does not. This has created a fresh water creek that flows to this one spot we call the 'Hole In The Wall'. This spot has been admired for years, and a Provincial Park was established in June of 2000 to protect the wonders of this very spot. By all logic, it SHOULD be protected.

Somehow, and for what ever reason, when the Park Boundary was initially set, there was an over site. The actual location of 'The Hole In The Wall' is not even encompassed in the Provincial Park! This has been known and talked about with locals as no big deal for years. The 'Hole In The Wall' is only just out side the boundaries... no one would be stupid enough to disrupt it, right? Well that time has come. In the past few weeks there has been exploration done not even 300 meters from 'The Hole In The Wall', and I have been made aware from a very reliable source that the contract to log this whole mountain side is up for grabs. I have the original document signed by two ministers in June of 200 that outlines the significance of the site, and the protection of if. How ever like I mentioned, the Park Boundaries were set wrong and now the actual site is in major jeopardy!

The intent of this exploration is to actively mine granite and lime stone from the exact side of this mountain that allows the 'Hole In The Wall' to exist, this cannot happen.

In this petition, I demand that all industrial activity on the South side of the Sukunka Forest Service Road be halted for a minimum of 3 Kilometers West of the actual GPS location of the "Hole In The Wall', until the Provincial Park Boundaries can be assed, and moved to protect the actual site of this Natural Phenomenon. 

I am in talks with local Government Agencies about this problem, but it could possibly be too late as it sounds like permits for this activity have been approved. Our polititions are stalled by the call of this snap election in our province, and it is imperative that we as locals, or those who advocate the protection of these ares ACT NOW! Please sign and share this petition, and join our cause to SAVE THE HOLE IN THE WALL!!!