We want heavy fine and legal action against vendors in Murree, Pakistan.

We want heavy fine and legal action against vendors in Murree, Pakistan.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Mirza Ali Nasir

Earlier Last week on Jan 8th, 2022, 23 people including 10 kids under the age of 15 died in Murree, which is a hill station and popular tourist destination in Pakistan. These people died coz of greed and inhuman nature of several vendors operating their businesses in the same area. These vendors are nothing but goons who ask for unjustified sums of money for each and everything that only they can provide in that area. 

This includes:

1. "Road blockages" which they do on purpose to get the traffic stuck and then ask for hafty sums for their services to clear the blockage.

2. USD 300 or more rent for a single room per night which usually costs around USD 20 to 30 in normal weather conditions.

3. They sell food on 1000% higher prices since they know that tourist in the area have no other option but to buy food only from them. Imagine a boiled egg costing PKR 500 (USD 3 approx)


This is exactly what happened on Jan 8th, 2022. The families were denied giving accommodations until they pay unjustified heavy prices despite heavy snowfall.

Unfortunately these families were compelled to spend that night in their cars resulting in a deadly carbon mono oxide gas emissions and eventually resulted as death of 22 innocent people including kids.

We consider it a deadly violation of human rights and appeal to all the relevant authorities to establish a price regulatory authority in that area, take legal action against vendors in murree including hotels, restaurants and other service providers.

145 have signed. Let’s get to 200!