Change of law of civilian matter of property disputes,where police doesn't help

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Present law of non interference of local police, in civilian matters of properties,where genuine owners of properties, including senior citizens, do not get any help from police. Straight away the genuine owners are told to go to the court,despite having all genuine papers. With just 22judges/million population,the court life span of civil property case is much longer than the life span of victims, specially, senior Germany there are 230 judges/ million.

The tardy speed of court,has enomoursly helped the rampant growth of land/property grabbing mafia of direct and proxy type.the modus operandi is, these mafia persons ,make fake documents and occupy the properties of genuine owners, using politico-musle power.when the genuine owner,approach police with his papers, police refuse to take any action against criminals, saying it is civil matter, get it settled in court.the court cases are longer than life of victims and too expensive.

Laws shuold be changed . The police should be allowed to act ,and restore the ownership of genuine owner, after checking the documents.let the mafia/pseudo claimants go to court and prove their claim of ownership.Till the court decision, the property should be in hands of genuine owner.

Present law of civilian matter has generated an ubiquitous gangs of mafia goons,who are most of instances are being operated by poliitcian ,to accumulate their limit less,"benami assests". With false &fabricted documents   these mafia goons, occupy the properties,or file a case in court and compel the genuine owner to part his properties cheaply, or with out any consideration. This is happening from gram panchayets to cities this has become most flourishing occupation.the victims are helplessly suffering.

On March 2017, the Delhi high court has given a decision, in cases of house owned by senior citizens. Court has instructed the govt to make  DC,restore the ownership and possession of houses owned by senior citizes, using the police.

Similar type of executive help should be given to all the cases of victims of mafia.

The Parliament should change the present laws, of non interference of police and bueracratic route ,like the DC and police.

The present laws  of adverse possession and any matter related with properties as civil cases are against very concept of justice and democracy,and fundamental rights of every Citizen.

The best example of injustice is, my house ,which I bought from my uncle, with my own money ,with all genuine documents ,is falsely claimed by my sister's son,in a civil suit,to be his own, given by my mother ,who never was the owner. Police refused to help,saying it is civilian matter.if such a gross injustice is civilian matter, then theft,and dacoity should be a civilian matter.

 Under the present laws ,victims have no option,but undergo tremendous torture,just because laws are quite contrary to very concept of basic rights.

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Dr Syed ziyaul huq.