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Is 'Rape' our Indian culture?! Rape justification should be a punishable offense in India.

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Are we really serious about the safety of our women?!

As a common citizen of India I feel sorry to say but I am losing faith in the entire system and the way we are handling women safety! On one side we talk about India advancing to be the leader of the world and all sorts of dream about the digital age and revolution and we talk women empowerment and education. We see commendable efforts from social crusaders like Kailash Satyarthi (Nobel laureate), movies like Dangal and government initiatives like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao.

But on the other hand we see mass molestations (the recent Bengaluru incident on new years eve or the one in Guwahati) and rapes of women as old as 65 years and as young as 2 years and then we find people as prominent as chief minister's of states, party presidents , eminent leaders of various political parties (both men and women leaders)  'justifying RAPE' blaming the victim, their clothes, modernization... FOOD ... WEATHER.. and all sorts of things to justify rape! And mind you not one among them blames the Rapist.  

I am providing links to some blogs that have assimilated such comments by all sorts of personalities in our Indian System. You can verify the authenticity of these statements as they were given out in the media.

Statements given by our leaders on Rape

Outrageous Comments By Indian Politicians on Rape

Video by RAGHU (of Roadies) explaining the issue and the need for the law

After you have read the comments of leaders in the above link.  I leave the question to you.. Is Rape a culture in India?! A women should be raped if she steps out after dark or parties with friends ?! Really?!

 Is this what we mean when we talk about women empowerment ?! If on one hand we have prominent personalities spreading out "such messages" to masses, why are we talking about women empowerment and initiatives like 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao' at all ! Lastly, my question to the government and lawmakers is  why all these leaders and public crusaders and certain filmstars manage to give out such messages in media and still manage to get away with it so easily?! Why is there no law to prevent such insensitive and irresponsible statements?! Is promoting a rapist mindset not a crime?! So much for sake of Freedom Of Speech ?! 

MY MOTIVE of creating this petition is to bring to light the need of a law prohibiting and prosecuting anyone who tries to justify Rape on any form of public medium! Please help spread this message if you feel the same!

I conclude by quoting two lines of my personal views "Possessing the mindset of a rapist is as worst as being one! May be more because when you give out such statements in public you are creating,promoting and encouraging people like yourself (call them 'Rapists In Mindset' ) ".

Note-: 'Rapists In Mindset' are people who justify rape because somewhere in there mind they feel it is the right thing to have happened. So such people for me are rapists as well but in their minds as of yet.

An apology will not deter various elements of our system from giving out lewd statements and justifying Rape in future! BUT a 'LAW' will.... There must be a law prosecuting anyone who gives out statements justifying Rape!

It is not first such incident after all . We hear such statements everytime when such crimes against women happen in our country. And it is not something to be taken lightly as it only motivates other budding criminals and rapists to take such steps!

Please share this petition as much and as far as possible and get others around you to sign it! Be The Change To See The Change! Only We Have the Power To ! Let's pull this off and get this done together!

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