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Unequivocally, there is no dejection for #metoo campaign, which has been spreading world-wide. But when one side is considered, its utmost essential the other side of the coin also be considered

1        We have the incalculable number of false cases of Dowry Harassment, that has been pouring in year by year, encouraging the false accusers to imputes the false guilt, and settle their cases, after accepting huge money and properties from the framed individuals

2        We have multitudinous cases, every year, where the false accusers, after making consensual relationships, frame the individuals on the charges of rape. We have countless cases, where the false charges of the rape have been imputed on the family members of the husbands to extort more money and property

3        We have numerous cases where the false cases of the Domestic Violence, which is the replica of 498-A cases, are filed with ulterior motives and vengeance

4        We have the countless cases, where the false accusations of the outrage of the modesty of the women, sexual harassment etc has been made, and the accused, after facing the protracted trials, acquitted from the charges

The list is not exhaustive, and there is overflooded, as available in newspapers and web portal etc, of such news where the false accuser made the false allegations, and the accused, after facing the investigations, criminal trials for several years, acquitted from the charges. The false accuser, who with deliberate and with the malicious intentions, has never come under the scanner of the law because of the weak provisions of existing laws, and the false accuser also plays the gender-sensitive victim card entrenching the other false accusers to levy false charges, under the duress of making money and vengeance  

Thus, the Interest of Justice , requires that strict penal provisions must be incorporated in the Penal code, so that it acts as deterrent to others, before spoiling the life and reputation of the innocents