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Youth still in dilemma!Vacancies should be such that one should think this one or that one

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The issue is we the youth of India are extremely in a situation of "aage kuan aur peche khai".The present scenario is while we are in college pursuing our graduation we enjoy to the fullest and we get our certificate and not all colleges are able to get us placed in any profession the student of one stream is even ready to work in the other stream which is far different than his own but then too we are not availed the jobs then,comes to the market and after seeing so much of competition so much of fraud peoples who are asking to pay them some amount and get registered to their consultany and they will employee us again this doesn't suits bcoz most of them are fraud and then finally comes to a conclusion that I should prepare for competitive exams and then join big renowned coaching institute which charge a heavy fees same as of whole graduation fee and then the burdon of so much of competition comes even though he does not wants a job of class 1 officer he is ready to be a clerk a typist in government offices just that he wants a government job so he increases the competition for various exams which he does not wanted to but unfortunately ends up having nothing most of the times. A larger sect of engineers is suffering from this disease whose only cure is large number of Vacancies also in the name of which lots of states exams,public sector units and lots government linked agencies come out with 2-10 Vacancies and asks us to pay 1000-1500₹ to appear in that exam ultimately a good person goes to work as a salesman or whatever be the worst job available for him plz do help us we are daily called as "unemployed  youths by thousand of people"

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