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Stop employers asking your salary history and stop asking women on their marital status

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Most of our Indian workforce are underpaid, undervalued and also face undue employment situations and while looking at a potential new job offer, the employer makes it mandatory to disclose salary history and confidential employment contracts when the company in question more often does that to get bargaining power, undermine your value without most likely mentioning their spending power for the role and because of standing up to my cause(politely) I lost 2 opportunities because of this.

This happens very often with Indian companies who drive these banal measures forward. Why not enquire about just your salary expectation or be upfront about the range they can pay for the role instead of forcing people to give such personal details. Do we ever ask a company for their company financials before accepting their Job offer?  same thing- doesn't change if its a company or a person! We both need each other and they arent doing us a favor. Also women are constantly subjected to the question " are you married"? "Do you have kids" "tell me about your family", "Do you have plans to marry anytime in the near future". Hypocrisy at its finest. Yeah I married and gave birth and forgot all my skills, duh!

Sign this petition to know your worth and ask for it. Sign this petition and share if you want this abhorrent practice to be stopped by HR and companies and for us to have strong regulations to penalize such erring companies

 Let us get our Indian talent the credit it deserves.. !! Bring it on!!!




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