Allow Menstrual Leave For Women At Workplace, Change Your Thought - HELP CHANGE INDIA

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We Live In A Changing World With Consistent Development and Change in Our Lifestyle, Mindsets and Human Resource. 

I Wished to Highlight A Major Topic of Debate That Favours Women Employees, But May Possibly/Already Be Opposed By Employers.


Many Women Face Questions or are Probed With Uncomfortable Situations In Their Workspaces When Their First Day of Periods Begins. Some find it bearable to withstand the pains, SOME DON'T. As the fact goes, every Human is Built with a similar body structure, but is Variable in The Indepth Aesthetical Development of The Internals. What we see on the outside as Glitterati may well be a Furnace of Pressures, Unfair Practice Exerted by Employers, Peer Pressure and Malpractice Of Workplace Coordinators. 

Many Ladies have in layman's terms - A healthy lifestyle. But some have a great need of empathy and sympathy to be given for the painful time that occurs once a month - when the lady may be left crippled in her bed before leaving for work in the morning, or probably paralysed to immobility too.

At Corporate Workspaces or Public Too, Many Women are Discriminated as Being Weak When They Take An Involuntary Leave from their Service on the N-th hour - THIS NEEDS TO BE ENTERTAINED VERY SEVERELY AND WITH UTMOST RESPECT TO HELP THE EMPLOYEE RATHER THAN DEMEANING THEIR CONDITION. 

Many Workplaces may be Human enough to empathize and allow this day's leave, while majority treat this as escapism by the Employee to Skip their work, indicating EMPLOYEE MALPRACTICE at WORKPLACE. 

Are there no female Employers or Female Bosses Who Instead of Understanding The Pain of a Woman, Decide to Make A Ruckus of the Situation and Further Humiliating Them? 

I Do Not Wish To Name Any Such Institutions, But Most Would Probably Already Have Understood. When Terms and Conditions are made for employees joining a company, are they actually ever proof-read and ammended to match the latest industry rules? There is one such rule that is said "No Employee can Take Leave in Probation Period" why is that rule so heavily enforced? This is inapplicable to male genders, but cannot unfortunately be ignored for the female gender of workspaces. Yes, many companies do Allow for Maternity Leave (Paid/Benefit Driven) but Period Leaves are not accounted for anywhere in such Company T&C Private or Public. 

We all have surely had a Mother, A Daughter, A Sister, A Female Friend or Co-worker or Employer/Employee. Why can't we enforce the protection of the female gender in implementing healthy work ethics with Paid or Unpaid Disciplinary Leave in our Human Resource Pacts?

I am sure those reading this have surely seen, heard or worst case FELT THIS. 

Sign the Petition and Let's Hope to change the Stereotypical Mindsets of the Indian Employment Sectors to help Grow and Make India a Better Place - Both By Productivity and Clean Work Ethics.

I Hope Our Employee Empowerment and Human Resource Departments of India would agree to pass a rule for INVOLUNTARY ONE-DAY LEAVE FOR THE FEMALE GENDER AT WORKSPACES irrespective of whether Public or Private.

Does One Day of 30 Days Really Dent The Overall Performance of an Employee? 

Can One Lady's Job Not Be Taken Care of By Fellow Colleagues Working In the Same Institution For ONE DAY?

Can We As Humans Not Be Discriminant To A Person In Dire Need Of Assistance and Support?