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Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India: Strong employee safety policy (labour law) to be implemented

All of us know about the recent scams and company lay offs in india. We have seen bigger companies like sathyam, Kingfisher, and many other companies are doing frauds by modifying their accounts for a longer period. finally, when the situation becomes unmanageable, they slowly show their fall by NOT PAYING SALARIES to employees. on one fine day after 4 to 5 months, they will announce publicly that they are laying off the company. During these 4 months, all the employees will not be paid and even after someone takes over also they will not get their arrears paid. Even the companies are cheating the government and employees by not paying PF contribution for employees. As we donot have a strong labour law in our country, most of the companies are doing such frauds and escaping from the law. I request the ministry of labour and employment, government of india to understand the importance of my petition and take necessary steps in implementing a strong policy/law for employees safety in India. As we all know, most the countries like US, Middle East, Europe, Austraila, and many other countries are having strong labour laws for employees safety.

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  • Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India

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