Please Make Two Days Weekly Off Compulsory to all Employees in All Private and Govt Jobs

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Firstly, My Sincere Thanks to all Employers for providing us opportunities to earn for Livelihood.

Every one who is working in Private and Government Jobs are hard working for their one's self and family members future and their company's Future as well. Unfortunately, in trying to make His/ Her future Bright, Each and Every employee is ignoring his/her present Life by stressing himself/herself with continous work pressure.

Physical presence in Office / Company /Plant / Shop may be 8-12 Hours a Day, but I bet the mental stress will be not less than 16  - 20 hours. Working for 6 days continuously and taking one day weekly off is very less.

Even Machines breakdown/fail if regular servicing (shut/stop/maintanence/remove stress) is not done periodically. After all we are Human Beings and deserve weekly breaks to reduce stress. Atleast we need some time to spend with kids. Nowadays we don't have enough time to spend / play atleast  2 hours continuously with kids.

Forget about enjoying life, we don't even have time to live normal life. Sadly, We forgot to Live our own Life due to lack of time.

Last but not the least, Thanks to Government Companies for offering more no of leaves to their employees, good subsicidies in canteens, helpful medical allowances and education allowances to families etc compared to that of allowances provided to private company employees (Excluding some dedicated Good Employee Friendly Private Companies ). Dont misunderstand me, I am not blaming any company, but this is fact about the differences in facilities provided to Private and Government Employees. Ignoring all these facilities,  Private companies can atleast offer a stress free life to their employees like government companies do by providing two days weekly off.

I urge Government of India to look into this topic and create a Rule of Two Days Compulsory  Weekly Off. Government can try to offer little concessions if possible on taxes to companies who are employee friendly and to those companies which follows this rule, so that Companies will also feel happy to implement this rule.

Friends We Deserve Two Days Weekly Off. 

If You agree then just support me and yourself by signing this petition and let's try and give a chance...