Fitness at workplace

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India is growing at a rapid pace. The workforce is aligned to achieve the goals set by the corporate houses. Average working is 9 hours a day and It takes average 1.5 hours to commute which takes away roughly half of the 24 hours and then taking calls from home is also a common practice. I have seen the corporate parks having the capacity of 10000 + workforce without a single gym or fitness centre. These buildings are operating round the clock where employees often overstay. This work style is attracting numerous diseases which is alarming.

My petition is about work and health balance.
I request the Hon'ble Ministry of Labor and Employment in India to draft and implement the policy to add up the space and time for fitness. There are ways to make it feasible. A company can introduce the cost to fitness in the overall CTC. This will give flexibility to employees to exercise whenever they have time. Govt should enforce all the registered business entities to avail the flexible fitness options within the same building from they operate.

Let's do it for us and our future generations.