Please stop brutal killer Anthony Ross from being granted unsupervised release!

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On Sunday 15th March 2015 a family’s world was ripped apart. On mother’s day the most caring, kind hearted young lady you would ever come across was brutally killed by her controlling partner Anthony Ross. On this day she was taken from her two beautiful young boys who now have to go on in life without their Mam. 

Anthony stabbed the mother of his children 41 times before fleeing the scene and driving around for hours and hours until sadly Melissa was discovered. Unfortunately the people left to discover her were her younger brother Liam and her step dad. As you can imagine the scene that day will never leave their minds and due to that Liam took his own life 8 months later. This family have not only lost one child but two. 

A statement previously released from the family:- 

“Melissa was a vivacious outgoing girl, nothing got her down and she strived to achieve the best in life. She passed her florist grades with plans of one day opening her own flower shop.

She absolutely doted on her children. She was a big family person. She loved all occasions and was always the first at the door with flowers and gifts. Her family was everything to her.

Melissa had a real charge for love, a really happy person.

Through this we have tragically lost Melissa's brother Liam. They were exceptionally close. He was a pure soul. He had a quiet gentle nature but after what happened to Melissa he couldn't' find peace and we had to watch him fade away.

The night we lost Mel, it was like we lost them both, he couldn't accept she was gone.

We are living with such mixed emotions and during this we have been unable to grieve.”

 Anthony was ordered to be detained indefinitely in a secure hospital, having previously pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

The family have been unable to grieve due to the worry that this awful human being may walk the streets and could well commit again. 

Please let’s stop this man from being released back onto the streets and hopefully if he is ever deemed ‘fit’ to leave the hospital then let’s make sure he is trialled again to receive a custodial sentence.  If he is fit to leave the hospital on unsupervised day release then he is fit to serve his time in prison.