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Justice for Sugabelly! Stop the culture of rape and silence in Nigeria

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I am sick to my stomach at the personal attack, visceral reaction/comments and shaming by so many Nigerians online on the blogger "Sugabelly" for choosing to deal with the trauma of being raped multiple times by naming her rapists. These rapes occurred when this young woman was 17! 17!! A child in my eyes...She has dealt with a lot in such a short life..... Yet going by statistics, only 18 people in Nigerias 50 year history have ever been convicted... You read right, 18!!!! We can all do something for this young woman.... we can chose to turn away since its not affecting us or a loved one or someone we actually know. Or we can chose to stand up for this young girl an by so doing stand by the numerous young girls living the nightmare of a horrifying rape culture. Going through the comments on her blog, its sad to see that
many are blaming this victim for coming out...for defying the culture of SILENCE!!! Please stand with this victim and demand justice for her!!!!! You can do this by just simply sharing her story on Social Media, on your blogs, articles in publications....Please don't allow her to be shutdown!!!!!! #JusticeForSugabelly  #IStandWithSugabelly

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