Install a Race Relations Commissioner by May 2019

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African Communities Forum Inc
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Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy stepped down in June 2018. It is NINE MONTHS since that happened and still a Race Relations Commissioner has not been installed.

What does this say to our community? That we are not worthy? That our issues do not count? Why is it taking so long? THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Lets look at the high profile Race issues that have taken place in that time (and i am sure there are more)
- Two right wing Canadians came to NZ
-Donald Brash delivered two racist and offensive speeches
-ACT called on Government to have migrants take a test on 'Kiwi values'
-The Pride Parade Board took a stance to have marginalised Rainbow members (particularly members of colour) voiced. They were met with furious backlash.

-  UN Migration Pact rally saw 'Make New Zealand Great Again' hats and mugs, and anti-immigration and anti-muliticulturalism propaganda. ACT were there too.

And then there is the casual racism that people endure every day.

What needs to happen for Govt depts to realise that we need someone to defend our rights and advocate for our cause??

ACOFI will be writing to New Zealand Human Rights Commission to find out what is taking so long, and demand an appointment by June 2019. If you are concerned about this too, sign our petition.