Help a single father to reach his 1 year and 7 months old son.

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My name is Marawan Elbanna, i am 24 years old, Egyptian citizen living in Riga,Latvia

I met a girl she is half Latvian half Russian in May 2014, we started a relationship and by September 2014 we discovered she is pregnant, by November 2014 we broke up because i discovered she been cheating on me, the boy was born in April 2015, She refused to recognize me as the father and she was only asking me to pay her money in order to do that, she even before asked for $5000 in order to write him under my name, i realized she been manipulating me and i went to court by May 2016, court made a decision that we all go for DNA test, But she is always escaping from that by bribing her family doctor to get her a fake sickness certificate, she even made a fake DNA for some other guy and recognized him as the father of my son, i just need you guys to sign the petition to rush the process and make the Latvian government take and immediate action and force her to go to DNA test, because i am 100% sure he is my son, he looks exactly like me. i been feeling so bad for the last months because last time she let me see my son it was in August 2016, and i miss him so much he is probably speaking in a language that i won't even understand because she is a Russian native, Please help me reach my son so i can be able to communicate with him in english, i am sure all parents know how it feels when your son is growing far away from you.

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