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Free Stephen Corfield!!!!

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Stephen Corfield is my uncle. Who was sent down for 2 years. He has serious mental issues and was wrongly sent down as what the other person involved in the case said in court was not the whole truth. Resulting to my poorly uncle being locked up and sent down. He needs to be at home with hes loving family getting the support and  professional help which he needs. This man has never been in trouble with the law and is a kind caring loving man. Please let this man be back at home where he belongs. Being in jail is only going to make hes illness worse. He suffers with epilepsy and he is not himself when he comes around from having a seizure and hes constantly confused. when the police turned up they got told about this and also got told not to get to close because of this to which they didn’t listen. Also after he was arrested he suffered from serious injuries which included broken ribs which led to him having a collapsed lung which then resulted in him having a chest drain which got infected and he ended up with pneumonia  and a huge bruise from what the officers had done to him. This man does not under any circumstances belong in jail. Yes what he did was wrong but he doesn't remember anything what happened and what he has done. 

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