England and Wales to follow Scotland by making the use of 'Up skirting' photos illegal

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What is up skirting? 

Upskirt is the practice of making unauthorized photographs under a woman's skirt, capturing an image of her crotch area, underwear and sometimes genitalia. Upskirting is an alarmingly common occurrence and is usually performed in a public place, which is often crowded, which makes it hard to spot people taking such images.

It emerged recently that children as young as 10 have been victims of upskirting, with police recording 78 cases in the past two years, according to a freedom of information request by the Press Association. But only one-third of police forces in England and Wales held data on upskirting, suggesting the real figure could be much higher. Taking upskirting or “downblousing” images is already illegal in Scotland.

We therefore call on both the English and Welsh government to make up skirting illegal across the board for media and individuals and to be held to account if the act continues to take place.