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Domestic Abuse Laws - Start Enforcing Them.

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As a survivor of longterm Domestic Abuse - twice - I have seen laws come into place to protect victims of all the different types of domestic abuse inflicted on them by people who 'love them'. 
Even if/when they left, the abuse, in at least 80% of cases continued in the pursuance of. 
Domestic Abuse - as it is called now - is not just Physical, it is Emotional, Mental, Psychological, Financial, Sexual, Verbal and Coersive. 
The laws are meant to offer protection to those who suffer, not make it worse.

I tell you what I see. 
I see, laws change, but no protection, no arrests or charges when a victim has finally grabbed the courage to report the abuse. Why?!?! 
Police are thinning out, they have minimal funding, miniscule training on how to deal with these cases, an the laws meant to protect are not worth the words written or the paper it was written on. 
Council tax needs to be divided fairly between the councils and our public services more than the tiny non percentage they get already. 
Domestic abuse is like these vile, evil perpetrators - never going to go away whether the protection /laws are there or not. 
Where are the victims human rights?! 
Where are the children of these abusers human rights?!?! 
The emotional trauma of those who witness it all.
Children are even on the other end of it too and that is ALSO Domestic Abuse. For example: being kicked out on the pretence of them being violent or verbal, yet its the parent that is the one doing.
They then get enticed back in and welcomed back into the fold to be told a different reality of it all and then being isolated against those that care again.
That's not just Domestic, its also Child Abuse.
Who do these people think they are?!
Where are our law enforcement? or social services?!! ... running scared or their hands are tied, or trying to step up to protect then being stonewalled at the wall called CPS. 

CPS need to use much needed common sense in cases and to raise it for disgusting crimes, like locking up Paul Worthington who raped and killed his daughter Poppi (There was evidence too)
Molly MacClaren who was stabbed 75 times and had her throat slit in broad daylight, and police took so long she had no chance, and he was known to the police.
Joe Storey killed his ex girlfriend Kerri McAuley and was that bad, that the pathologist said her skull was like putting a mosaic back together.
Two women are killed each week by a current or former partner in England and Wales. Office for National Statistics (2016) ... all documented and STILL there is not enough done. Then a few days after I start this up,  there is more in the media this time from the Telegraph -
David Cameron can attest that this does nothing as his Hug a Thug theory flatlined.

Theodore Johnson, who is technically a serial killer as he murdered 3 women he was in a relationship with. He was given the opportunity to murder two other women because the system failed. Yet .... if your child truants or you dare discipline them to prevent them being little sods, the CPS think its much more serious than most crimes and will imprison you yet go murder or beat the crap out of someone and you can walk free ... it totally figures for this country to be honest!!!! 

Coersive control, covers all aspects of and yet noone knows HOW to deal with it and over 2/3s of police that attended MY address last year, didnt even know if it was enforceable, how or even who to put me in touch with.

Some abusers do not need prison, sometimes their day in court is all it needs to stop, but others I am surprised they still walk around with their preening untouchable facade.
Let trained survivors look at these cases of domestic abuse like a jury to see what they think , as only a survivor would be able to identify the invisible signs. Get a profiler in, as well as psychologists.

Something needs to be done. No point putting laws into place if there is noone willing or able to enforce them due to lack of training or lack of CPS common sense. 
This is NOT alright. Why allow people like this to treat others the same?! 
Justice cannot be served properly, if the people running the Local Government Financial Act and the judicial system, run the legal system like the government run this country, we are totally screwed.

Lets stop the rise in victims, and lets have a rise in survivors. Do something, Change it

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