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Recently, when one study came out that planting a trillion trees will balance the disturbed climatic change, my concern drove to the barren lands where human survival is in itself a challenge so it is hard to say about the survival of trees and plants. Why not start conserving our wetlands (in general pokhars, talaabs, jheels etc.,) which help in retaining soil water and provide nutrients to flora and prevent the situation like soil erosion. The capital of our nation, New Delhi is situated over wetland and to it’s danger, we’ve lost the larger part of it to the development. With only 27 sites designated as Wetlands of International Importance and only one single leading RAMSAR Convention on Wetlands, we Indians are devoid of our own conservation methodology to tackle such issues. Under the statute, the District Magistrate is liable to form a report on the water hotspots and direct it to Centre. But such reports are not even made so nothing as such ever comes to the table of CentralGovernment. Let’s come together before planting trees, start making our lands fit and suitable for planting. Wetlands are amongst the most productive ecosystems on the Earth and hence, we need to save them by starting locating them in our respective cities and towns and bring them back into existence.