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Installation of coundown timers.

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Signal control systems are intended to regulate traffic passing through intersections safely and efficiently. Though conventional signal systems play an important role in controlling traffic flow, they do experience significant lost time, and hence capacity re- duction, at the transition points. The tran- sition points, where the signal light turns from green to red and from red to green, are necessary to allow drivers to respond to changes in right-of-way assignment.

Because the actual transition point is com- pletely unpredictable in many conventional signal locations, drivers that are caught in the dilemma zone may make judgment errors about whether they should go or stop. Therefore, intersection safety and capacity could potentially be enhanced among drivers by providing additional warning about the onset of the transition.

Signal countdown timers are widely used in East Asian countries and have provided some useful operational and safety benefits.

 Signal countdown devices are designed to provide drivers with the remaining time before status change (e.g., yellow to red) on conventional vehicular signal indication. The basic assumption is that drivers will apply this information to make better decisions on the proper time to enter the intersection.

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