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Arrest the Revenue share scammer leader

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The Cyber crimes becomes the most and widely issue for the free community as a lot of people got scammed from so called investors and owners who deceives and cheat the people to get rich and wealthy quickly , and from these one of a big millionaire revenue share industry scammer known as Zuhair juma or (Zahry Almajid) who take the people hard earned money by making a website called bestchoiceads.com , the website used USD fiat , and after one or two months he shut down his website without any reason as before closing down the website he said the company and the business is going great and new members are joining and after that he shut it down he told to the members that he will return to explain what happen and give them new update , he always claimed that the term & conditions are clearly told that there is no revenue share earning guaranteed and it always depend on the sale , but he also robbed what the members actually earned , and sell to them new service ads packs with new revenue share only 3 days before he shutdown the website, so hope you guys to join us to stop the scammers and the crimes by signing our petition as your voice is so important to help the poor people who got scammed and lost their hard earned money.
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